George Larson

George Larson
Inventor of the Soft Box

Legacy Photo Lighting…Light Years Ahead!

Legacy Photo Lighting by George Larson supplies photographers with the most reliable lighting equipment available. If you are looking for a quality light modifier coupled with the most natural soft light available, you’ll find it here!  The quality lighting products designed by George Larson have been the industry standard since 1964.

Legacy Soft Boxes are extremely durable and will last for many years.  It is well known for its narrow profile, and it takes up less room than competitive sized soft boxes.  Many years ago George Larson got together with a fabric producing mill and developed a secret fabric that no one has been able to duplicate.  It does not fade, yellow, or discolor.  You will be very happy with any Legacy product  designed by George Larson and we look forward to serving your photographic needs.



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